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The Methuselah Fund Successfully Closes Its Initial Fundraising


Good news from the Methuselah Foundation: its boutique venture fund, the Methuselah Funds, LLC (M Fund), successfully closed an initial fundraising round.

The M Fund is an accelerator program focused on seed-stage companies working on healthy human lifespan extension. The mission of the program is to speed up the journey of emerging rejuvenation biotechnologies from the laboratory to the clinic as safely and quickly as possible; companies in which the M Fund invests follow one or more of the six strategies that the people behind the M Fund believe to be the most promising, including developing organ and vasculature replacements, deepening our understanding of DNA and RNA, and repairing age-related damage.

Presently, the portfolio of the M Fund includes companies such as OncoSensX and Oisín, which are, respectively, focused on treatments to induce apoptosis in cancerous cells and senescent cell clearance. Prior to the creation of the M Fund, the Methuselah Foundation invested in companies such as Organovo, which focuses on developing functional, three-dimensional human tissue; the applications of such a technology, from research to transplants, are many and exciting, and just like the rest of the technology in which the M Fund invests, could revolutionize medicine.

According to Sergio Ruiz, Managing Director of the M Fund, investments in life extension technologies are going to soar soon; not all research and business ideas will be worth attention, but the M Fund can count on almost two decades of experience in the field and a vast network of connections within the research community. As pointed out by Reason in his coverage on Fight Aging!, the rejuvenation field is still young, and promising lines of research and opportunities must be sought among the many that are likely to appear.

More investment is key to developing reliable and effective rejuvenation biotechnologies as soon as possible, so we hope that the M Fund will only get larger and that more and more investors will be attracted to the field and join existing participants, such as the M Fund itself, the Longevity Fund, and Kizoo Technology Ventures.

If you would like to learn more about the Methuselah Foundation and the M Fund, make sure to check out our recent interview with David Gobel, the founder of the Methuselah Foundation.

About the author
Nicola Bagalà

Nicola Bagalà

Nicola is a bit of a jack of all trades—a holder of an M.Sc. in mathematics; an amateur programmer; a hobbyist at novel writing, piano and art; and, of course, a passionate life extensionist. After his interest in the science of undoing aging arose in 2011, he gradually shifted from quiet supporter to active advocate in 2015, first launching his advocacy blog Rejuvenaction (now replaced by Too Many Things) before eventually joining LEAF, where he produced the YouTube show LifeXtenShow. These years in the field sparked an interest in molecular biology, which he actively studies. Other subjects he loves to discuss to no end are cosmology, artificial intelligence, and many others—far too many for a currently normal lifespan, which is one of the reasons he’s into life extension.
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