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The Basel Life 2018 Congress


On September 11-14 in Basel, Switzerland, a new edition of the Basel Life congress will take place. As the name suggests, the event is entirely focused on the life sciences, and it aims to bring cutting-edge science and research closer to the general public as well as to give younger scientists an opportunity to to shine.

Basel Life 2018 will consist of four parts: EMBO at Basel Life, the Innovation Forums, MipTec, and the European Job Fair.

EMBO at Basel Life is a scientific conference by the European Molecular Biology Organization; this year’s theme will be molecules in biology and medicine, and the topics to be discussed will include aging, cancer, inflammation, metabolic disorders, infection biology, microbiota, neurodegenerative disease, and more. The illustrious speakers participating to this conference are too many to mention; suffice it to say that cellular senescence luminary Dr. Judith Campisi from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging as well as a co-author of the famous paper “The Hallmarks of Aging“, Dr. Manuel Serrano from the Spanish CNIO, will be there as well.

EMBO at Basel Life discusses the science behind the biotechnological advances and therapeutics that we can expect to see in the future; the Innovation Forums discuss how to translate this science into these advances. Basel Life 2018 offers a wide variety of forums: Artificial Intelligence; Gene Editing; Advances in Genomics; Women in Science; Microfluidics; Antibiotics; and Aging and Drug Discovery. The latter is chaired by Insilico Medicine‘s CEO Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov and Dr. Morten Scheibye-Knudsen from the Danish Center for Aging Research, and it will focus on the latest advances in the field of aging and longevity at a molecular, cellular and organismal level, discussing the progress made so far in terms of healthy life extension science. Among the top experts of the field participating in this forum are the aforementioned Dr. Judith Campisi, Dr. S. J. Olshansky from the University of Illinois, Dr. Vadim Gladyshev from Harvard University, Dr. Michael Ristow from ETH Zurich, and many others.

The MipTec exhibition will showcase the latest, cutting-edge life science technologies from over 60 different vendors; it is an excellent occasion for life science startups to network and gain visibility as well as for end users to get a feel of how the life sciences will be practically applied in the future. Finally, the European Job Fair is a great opportunity for companies looking for new talents as well as young scientists looking for the best employers in their field.

Whether you’re into aging science in particular or life sciences in general, the Basel Life 2018 congress is definitely an event worth attending. A full program can be found here; if you wish to register for the event, you can do so here.

About the author
Nicola Bagalà

Nicola Bagalà

Nicola is a bit of a jack of all trades—a holder of an M.Sc. in mathematics; an amateur programmer; a hobbyist at novel writing, piano and art; and, of course, a passionate life extensionist. After his interest in the science of undoing aging arose in 2011, he gradually shifted from quiet supporter to active advocate in 2015, first launching his advocacy blog Rejuvenaction (now replaced by Too Many Things) before eventually joining LEAF, where he produced the YouTube show LifeXtenShow. These years in the field sparked an interest in molecular biology, which he actively studies. Other subjects he loves to discuss to no end are cosmology, artificial intelligence, and many others—far too many for a currently normal lifespan, which is one of the reasons he’s into life extension.
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