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Tag: Story

January 30, 2019
(The intercom buzzes in Death's office.) — Mr. Death, sir, Mr. Flores is here. — (Slightly surprised, Death takes a look at his wrist hourglass.) Already? I wasn't expecting him so early. Well, let him in anyway, Miss Coffins. (Miss Coffins shows Mr. Flores in. He cautiously looks around, confused.) — Ah, Mr. Flores! Welcome....
January 16, 2019
I would like to share a story about an encounter I had a couple of years back, when I was nearing the end of my university studies. At the time, I lived in a student apartment pretty much on the outskirts of Helsinki, Finland. Like most of Finland, this area is beautiful and brimming with...
July 24, 2018
Today, I would like to tell you two short stories describing what your far future might look like, depending on the choices that you—though not only you—will make in the near future. Feel free to leave a comment to let others know which one you'd rather have as your real future. Story 1: A day...