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Tag: New York

May 28, 2019
A BIOTECH IN A BOX WORKSHOP Alongside our Ending Age-related Diseases 2019 annual conference, we are proud to announce the launch of a special pre-conference biotech workshop led by Dr. Kelsey Moody, CEO of Ichor Therapeutics, a successful and rapidly growing rejuvenation biotechnology company. This joint event between the Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation and Ichor...
EARD2019 conference banner.
January 10, 2019
The Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation is announcing Ending Age-Related Diseases 2019 - a 2-day conference in New York City to foster the development of rejuvenation biotechnology NEW YORK, January. 10, 2018 — After the incredible success of the conference Ending Age-Related Diseases 2018, the Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation is happy to announce its second annual...
September 26, 2018
The Imagine Science Films Festival is happening on October 12-19th, 2018 in New York, at a variety of venues, and this year, it is featuring a theme close to home: survival. Crisis. Entropy. Extinction. This year we look at the high stakes for all life on Earth and beyond. Between nuclear proliferation, species loss and...
June 27, 2018
Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation is hosting a conference in New York to encourage investment in rejuvenation technologies NEW YORK, June. 27, 2018 — Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF), a non-profit organization that supports scientific research on aging and longevity via its own crowdfunding platform,, is hosting Ending Age-Related Diseases: Investment Prospects & Advances in...