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Tag: Michael Fossel

November 18, 2019
Is the focus on senolytics, drugs that eliminate senescent cells, potentially damaging for longevity? In this interview, Dr. Michael Fossel, who has focused his research on telomeres and the development of telomerase therapy for decades, discusses the potential downsides of senolytics and the promise of telomerase therapy for treating age-related diseases. Senescent cells no longer...
June 27, 2018
Today, we conclude our two-part interview with Dr. Michael Fossel, you can find part one here. Changing tack a bit here, you talk a little bit in your book about programmed human death; we're basically programmed to die through evolution's weird workings and you kind of flesh out what Josh Mitteldorf calls the demographic theory...
June 26, 2018
Today, we have part one of a two-part interview with Dr. Michael Fossel, the driving force behind Telocyte, a new company focused on telomerase therapy for various diseases, and a strong advocate of telomerase therapy to treat human disease over the past three decades. You can find part two of the interview here. I interviewed...