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Tag: Donor Rewards

Just a quick update to let our supporters know that the MouseAge Say Cheese T-shirts and mousepads have started shipping today. The special Sci-fi T-shirts will be shipping by the end of next week too. So if you qualified for both shirt designs you should see them both arrive together towards the end of next...
We are pleased to announce that the Agemeter bags and T-shirts are about to ship to those who backed the project at a level that qualified for these rewards. Once more we would like to thank everyone who supported the project and we hope that you enjoy your rewards. We hope to bring you an...
Great news, the AgeMeter stickers, and buttons are ready and will start shipping out at the end of the week! The bags, watches, and teeshirts are currently in print and production and will be following close behind once packed and ready to go out. Thank you to everyone who supported the Agemeter project at
Just a small update but it is now confirmed that the bags, shirts, watches, stickers, and buttons from the AgeMeter campaign are entering production! We hope to begin shipping these out soon to our supporters who backed the AgeMeter project. We should also have a progress report on how the project is going in the near...