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Tag: Concerns

December 03, 2020
David Wood, chair of the London Futurists, gave a talk on the ethics of anti-aging. He addressed whether or not rejuvenation is scientifically possible, environmental concerns, retirement programs, the effects of rejuvenation on the speed of progress in other fields, and many other ethical questions relating to the lengthening of human lifespans.
August 26, 2019
It is a sure sign that the tide has turned when mainstream news outlets and magazines start publishing positive articles about aging research and the prospects of rejuvenation. A refreshing change Today, I want to highlight an article in MIT Technology Review in which the author, David Adam, gives a sensible and measured overview of...
January 10, 2019
Imagine this scene: you, a life extension supporter, are with a group of people talking about this and that, and, at one point, the opportunity to mention life extension presents itself. You expect people to react to it with "Yay! Longer life in good health! No more aging!" but reality doesn't quite match up to...