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Tag: α-synuclein

Researchers from the Beijing Institute of Brain Disorders have discovered a new method of using exosomes to deliver aptamers that prevent the accumulation of α-synuclein aggregates, which are the cause of Parkinson's disease [1]. α-Synuclein Aggregates Like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease is characterized by protein aggregation caused by a loss of proteostasis, one of the hallmarks...
Today, we want to point out a new publication that recently appeared in the Science Translational Medicine journal, as its authors have discovered a new mechanism by which the brain protects itself from the harmful α-synuclein protein aggregates associated with Parkinson's and that may open the door to new therapies against these conditions. To understand...
An open-access paper published in Nature Communications sheds light on how an accumulation of α-synuclein protein in brain cells contributes to causing Parkinson’s disease. In particular, the researchers discovered how clumps of the protein damage important proteins on mitochondrial surfaces, leading to impaired energy production, swelling and bursting of the mitochondria themselves, and, ultimately, cell...