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Sedeer el-Showk Joins the Team


Our plan this year is to significantly expand and develop our news outlet so that we can bring you even more of the latest industry news and widen the range of topics that we write and produce shows about. We are delighted to announce that the biologist and writer Sedeer el-Showk will be joining the team.

Sedeer became a professional science writer after finishing a degree in biology. He also writes poetry and science fiction and fantasy, and he somehow juggles an ever-growing list of hobbies from programming to knitting to gardening. Eternal curiosity and good fortune have taken him to many parts of the world, but he’s settled in Helsinki, Finland for the moment. He hopes he’ll never stop learning new things.

As part of the team, Sedeer will be dividing his time between writing articles for the news outlet and helping to create more episodes of our superb pop-sci show, LifeXtenShow, a regular video series that tackles misconceptions and concerns about life extension, the biology behind the aging processes, and the research happening in the lab now, which could see an end to age-related diseases.

The addition of Sedeer to the Lifespan team will no doubt be of great benefit, and with his background in science communication, his help in informing, educating, sharing wonderment, and raising awareness of aging research topics will be invaluable.

We have recently expanded our team with the addition of journalist Arkadi Mazin, and today sees our team grow yet again as we push towards the goal of becoming the number one place for rejuvenation biotechnology news.

Back in late 2016, when we first began writing and reporting about the field, we could only hope to reach the point at which we could become a fulltime news outlet and take on more writing staff. Today, thanks to the support of the Lifespan Heroes, donations from supporters, the success of the Ending Age-Related Diseases conference, and other funding sources, we have reached that point. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has helped us to reach this point.

2020 will see us continue to grow and recruit more scientists and journalists to help us engage with the public about the exciting world of aging research, the potential of rejuvenation biotechnology, and the drive to end age-related diseases.

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