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Rejuvenation Roundup June 2019


There’s only a few days left before our second conference in New York City takes place, and June has brought a lot of exciting news, such as the results of UNITY’s senolytic human trial, as well as a number of episodes of LifeXtenShow, our new YouTube show that is now a little over a month old already. Let’s dig into the details!


Team and activities

EARD2019 Update: July 11th is closer than you think, and so is our conference at the Cooper Union in New York City. Last month, we’ve announced a few more great speakers who confirmed their presence: Dr. Kris Verburgh is flying all the way from Brussels to New York and specializes in health, aging, and the future of medicine and biotechs; Dr. Jared Fischer from Oregon Health and Science University will be talking about his work in the development of senolytics; Dr. Jay Sakar from Turn.Bio will tell us all about epigenetic reprogramming; and Dr. Kevin Strange from Novo Biosciences will present a talk about the possibility of developing drugs to unlock the human body’s built-in regenerative abilities and induce tissue regeneration.

This two-day conference will be preceded by a workshop held by none other than Dr. Kelsey Moody, Ichor Therapeutics’ CEO, who will let you in on the secrets to developing a successful rejuvenation startup.

There isn’t much time (or many places!) left, so book your tickets here for an exciting full immersion in the nascent field of rejuvenation biotech.

Longevity Activism on the Encyclopedia of Gerontology and Population Aging: Our own Elena Milova recently collaborated on a paper with Dr. Ilia Stambler to explain what longevity activism is and what it has achieved during the course of its existence; you’ll be surprised to learn how much has been done in such a remarkably short time!

LifeXtenShow: In case you haven’t watched them yet, here’s a list of last month’s episodes of X10; especially if you’re new to the topic, be sure to watch episode one too—it explains in great detail what life extension is.

What Are The Benefits of Life Extension? In this episode, Giuliano explains why rejuvenation is a great idea and how it can help change the future of humanity for the better.

How Well Does Giuliano Know Aubrey de Grey? No one said that learning about rejuvenation can’t be entertaining, and what’s more entertaining than trivia? This episode is all about facts on Dr. Aubrey de Grey, one of the fathers of modern biogerontology.

Undoing Aging 2019: If you couldn’t attend Undoing Aging 2019 last March, fear not; X10 has got you covered with this brief reportage packed with interviews.

Is Life Extension Natural? Nope, it isn’t, but that’s not a problem; not all that is natural is good for you (for example, aging), and not all that is not natural is bad for you (for example, life extension and medicine in general), and this video explains why.

Rejuvenation Roundup Podcast

Ryan O’Shea of Future Grind hosts the final Rejuvenation Roundup podcast before Ending Age-Related Diseases 2019. Interviews

Interview with Prof. Morgan Levine: Yale’s Professor Morgan Levine is an expert on epigenetics and in particular epigenetic clocks, which she talks about at length in this interview; you’ll have a chance to meet her at our conference in NYC, so let this interview do the introduction.


Research Roundup

UNITY Biotechnology Announces Senolytic Trial Results: UNITY has been testing its candidate senolytic drug UBX0101 for a few months, and the now-concluded phase-1 trial revealed that the drug is non-toxic, which was the main goal, although its degree of effectiveness is still unclear.

Slug Saves Satellite Cells from Senescence: A transcription factor known as Slug helps against cellular senescence in human tissue and might be a viable therapeutic avenue against sarcopenia.

Breaking Down a-Synuclein Aggregates: A study in the journal Science Translational Medicine points out a new mechanism through which the brain protects itself from a-synuclein protein aggregates, which are thought to be a contributing factor to Parkinson’s disease.

NAD+ and Cellular Senescence Pathways Interact: NAD boosting might be a way to induce more effective DNA repair in our bodies at later ages, but it appears this might be problematic, as NAD seems to interact with cellular senescence.

Obesity Might Accelerate Aging: According to a new study, being overweight might negatively influence different hallmarks of aging and speed up the rate at which our bodies age.

Telomerase Gene Therapy Ameliorates Neurodegeneration in Mice: CNIO researchers found out that mice with shorter telomeres suffer from neurodegeneration and that telomerase gene therapy may ameliorate their condition.

Creating Thymus Organoids Using Tissue Engineering: The thymus, one of the most important of our organs, begins deteriorating very early on in life, and its regeneration is a primary objective of rejuvenation therapies; a new publication discusses a possible way to do just that.

Transplanting Gut Microbes from Young to Old Mice Reverses Immune Decline: The gut microbiome is slowly but steadily gaining acknowledgment for its place among the causes of age-related decline of the immune system, but a new mouse study shows that this effect might be reversible.

Progress Towards Blocking Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres in Cancer: ALT cancers are among the most insidious and lethal, with very few therapeutic avenues available; new studies reveal a promising option to shut down this type of cancer.

Impaired Mitophagy and Mitochondrial Function in Alzheimer’s Disease: A new study suggests that the mitochondrial dysfunction of later ages may be a significant contributor to the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

More Evidence for Cellular Senescence of ß Cells to Drive Type 2 Diabetes: Cellular senescence seems to have its fingers in many pies, and according to new research, one of these pies is that of type-2 diabetes.

Editing Genes at the Source: Breakthrough research by Harvard scientists has shown that is is possible to edit stem cell genes directly in living systems, which may be a pretty big deal for future therapies.

News Nuggets

The Hallmarks of Aging on Long Long Life: Our friends at Long Long Life recently launched a video series in which Dr. Guilhem Velvé Casquillas explains the nine hallmarks of aging; the series is in French, but don’t worry—if your French is a little rusty, there are English subtitles available. The episode linked here is the first one and it is about genomic instability, but two episodes about telomere attrition and epigenetic alterations are already out, too.

Icaria Life Sciences Officially Launched: Ichor Therapeutics, the popular rejuvenation startup and incubator, has launched Icaria Life Sciences, a dedicated contract research organization offering several research services to help advance aging research. The appointed president of Icaria is Dr. Huda Suliman.

Laura Deming: ‘I wanted to work on the world’s most important problem’: In this interview with the Irish Times, the young scientist and VC behind the Longevity Fund explains how and why she got interested in rejuvenation science.

The Number of Americans Working in Their 70s Is Skyrocketing: For different reasons, an increasing number of Americans over 70 is staying in the workforce, which is another reason why comprehensive therapies to maintain health in old age are necessary.

Biogerontologists Need to Come Out: In this brief, blunt editorial, SENS Research Foundation CSO Dr. Aubrey de Grey remarks how one of the reasons biogerontologists don’t get the necessary funding to carry out their vital research is that the very same biogerontologists refuse to publicly estimate the chances that their research will succeed and to what extent; this, in turn, pushes political attention away from the subject.

Ending Aging Published in Portuguese: You might recall that a Portuguese edition of Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s book Ending Aging was published in ebook format some time ago; now, the paperback edition has been published thanks to the efforts of the same translators, Nicolas Chernavsky and Nina Torres Zanvettor. The book was presented on June 24, in São Paulo, Brazil, by de Grey himself; you can order it from Amazon here.

Coming up in July

Ending Age-Related Diseases 2019: On the off chance you’ve missed the news just above, on July 11-12, our second NYC conference, Ending Age-Related Diseases: Investment Prospects & Advances in Research, will be held at the Cooper Union, and it will feature leading researchers, investors and advocates, such as Prof. George Church from Harvard University, Dr. Maria Blasco from the Spanish CNIO, Dr. Judith Campisi from the Buck Institute for Aging Research, Dr. Aubrey de Grey from SENS Research Foundation, Reason and Bill Cherman from Repair Biotechnologies, and many, many more. You can find the full program of the event here.

The conference will be preceded by a biotech startup workshop on July 10 held by Dr. Kelsey Moody, CEO of Ichor Therapeutics, which will surely prove invaluable to anyone interested in setting up a company in the aging space. The number of workshop participants is limited to 25, so act quickly!

Tickets to the conference and the workshop are currently priced at $500, but anyone attending both events will get 40% off the workshop price! Additionally, we have special discounts for students (60% off) and for our Lifespan Heroes (50% off).

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Elena Milova is giving a talk at the Geek Picnic science festival in Moscow. Elena’s talk, “Demanding super-longevity: how many people on the planet are ready to crack the aging code?” will take place on July 14th at 16:00.

That was it for June; for July, you can expect an even more packed roundup following our conference. Thank you for sticking with us, and thanks to the Lifespan Heroes for believing in us and helping us bring about the defeat of aging sooner than it would otherwise be possible.

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