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Great Support During Project For Awesome 2017


The 2017 Project for Awesome (P4A) has ended, and what a weekend it has been! We have had a significant number of videos created in support of our work, and the encouragement from the community has been superb. It is very inspiring to hear what people have to say about the importance of our work and why they appreciate the work we do. Today, we wanted to have a look at some of the great videos created by the LEAF team and our awesome community.

LEAF President Keith Comito led the charge during P4A and talks about our motivations and our vision for a world without age-related diseases. Science is making huge leaps in progress, and we no longer have to accept age-related diseases as inevitable.

LEAF Board member Paul Spiegel talks about the potential for us all to enjoy healthier lives thanks to advances in science. He makes the argument that mankind has been seeking to increase how long we live for centuries through simple things, such as sanitation, toothbrushes, and cooking our food; the cutting-edge technologies of today will be seen as trivial as those things in the future. We should look at rejuvenation biotechnology as just a new form of medicine to help us live healthier and longer lives.

LEAF Board member Elena Milova talks about how LEAF engages with the public and helps people to better understand aging, discusses her mission to help humanity end age-related diseases, and talks about how science might bring an end to age-related diseases, given enough support. Elena visited the top of the TV-Tower Ostankino in Moscow to bring you this video and the stunning views.

It was also great to see that neurophysiologist Jayde Lovell from the SciQ channel, which is part of the Young Turks Network, also made a video for LEAF. Jayde took the time to explain why she supports our work and focuses in particular on our crowdfunding for research on our fundraising platform

Next, we have Nicola Bagalà, a LEAF staff writer and the editor of Rejuvenaction, a blog devoted to longevity and activism. Nicola took the time to talk about why aging sucks and why Hank Green, one of the founders of the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, the non-profit org behind P4A, would probably agree that solving aging would definitely help to reduce world suck.

Omar Gatti, also made a video in our support; he describes our work and why aging is a huge global problem. He talks about the problem of population aging, in which more and more people in a society are aged over 60. By 2050, 22% of the population will be at least 60 years old, and by 2100, that number will rise to 33%. This will cause a huge burden in healthcare costs and will put a massive strain on society as it struggles to cope with an aged population that is unable to contribute to social and economic growth. Omar supports the work of LEAF because we are working to raise awareness of these social issues as well as their potential solution: rejuvenation biotechnology to help people stay healthy, independent and free from age-related diseases, regardless of their age.


Emanuele Ascani also took the time to talk about why he thinks what LEAF does is important. He talks about the importance of crowdfunding for research and how we are doing something unique in the field by providing researchers with a way to raise funds in this manner. Emanuele is an active member of our community and it was great that he showed his support during P4A and explained why he thinks LEAF should be one of the winning charities this year.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in making a video about us, and we thank those who voted for us as well. The community showed lots of motivation, energy, and enthusiasm for this public event, and as LEAF will be getting involved in more similar initiatives, it bodes well for the future. One of our greatest strengths comes from our commitment as a community to making rejuvenation biotechnology a reality in the near future. Thank you for your continued support.

About the author

Steve Hill

Steve serves on the LEAF Board of Directors and is the Editor in Chief, coordinating the daily news articles and social media content of the organization. He is an active journalist in the aging research and biotechnology field and has to date written over 600 articles on the topic, interviewed over 100 of the leading researchers in the field, hosted livestream events focused on aging, as well as attending various medical industry conferences. His work has been featured in H+ magazine, Psychology Today, Singularity Weblog, Standpoint Magazine, Swiss Monthly, Keep me Prime, and New Economy Magazine. Steve is one of three recipients of the 2020 H+ Innovator Award and shares this honour with Mirko Ranieri – Google AR and Dinorah Delfin – Immortalists Magazine. The H+ Innovator Award looks into our community and acknowledges ideas and projects that encourage social change, achieve scientific accomplishments, technological advances, philosophical and intellectual visions, author unique narratives, build fascinating artistic ventures, and develop products that bridge gaps and help us to achieve transhumanist goals. Steve has a background in project management and administration which has helped him to build a united team for effective fundraising and content creation, while his additional knowledge of biology and statistical data analysis allows him to carefully assess and coordinate the scientific groups involved in the project.
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