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Panel Discussion of the Valley of Death at EARD2020

The Valley of Death at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020The Valley of Death at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020

At this panel from Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, Javier Noris of talks with Patrick Burgermeister of Kizoo Ventures, Reason of Repair Biotechnologies, Sergio Ruiz of Methuselah Labs, and Ronjon Nag of Institute R42 about the valley of death in biotech investment. Early-stage research is funded by universities and governments, and companies are funded by investors, but it is difficult for researchers to bring their findings to the level at which investors would be interested, and being unable to cross this valley of death is a significant hindrance for the development of rejuvenation biotechnology. Being able to reliably overcome this would be a major benefit for the development of therapies that directly target the root causes of aging.

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