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New Perks for Lifespan Heroes!

Keith Comito - Overcoming Age-Related DiseaseKeith Comito - Overcoming Age-Related Disease

We are excited to announce that we have given the Lifespan Heroes campaign a breath of fresh air with changes to the features and benefits that we offer to our monthly supporters.

At Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, we teased that there were some big changes coming and have produced this new film showcasing what it means to be a Lifespan Hero, our future development, and what it means to actively support aging research.

Building a longevity hub

As part of the revamp, we have updated the goals of the Heroes campaign. We are now very close to the $10k milestone, which will allow us to fully develop our website with media-rich features and ultimately build a true “longevity hub” for the community.

As part of building this nexus, there will be features such as networking tools, allowing people to collaborate with like-minded community members and helping to make the business of longevity and research easier. There will also be an on-site forum to help bring the community together to discuss and share knowledge. We are also planning to host more online events, and there will be generous discounts for Heroes.

Reaching the $10k goal will also allow us to expand our team so that we can bring you even more high-quality content, including more news, interviews, webinars, special feature articles, and more. Our team already includes two scientists and a professional journalist; reaching this goal will mean that even more experts can join us to bring you the very best in news and information as well as reach even wider audiences.

The benefits of being a Lifespan Hero 

We have a range of benefits for being a Hero, depending on your level of support.

Gateway Level $10 Monthly
Unlimited Access to our ongoing daily News Content, ability to participate in our live-streamed Monthly Longevity Journal Club, and official recognition of your support on our Special Thank You Page created specifically to honor true heroes like you, our networking servers, and your profile.
Cedar Level $25 Monthly
Everything Above + Discounts on Industry Focused Webinars and Virtual Events where you can ask questions and discuss the field of aging with researchers, investors, and other supporters like you. You will also receive discounts on our physical events and conferences.
Mountain Level $50 Monthly
Everything Above + Increased visibility and Networking Features, such as a Logo and a Website Link of your choice included in your thank you page entry and profile. If you want to raise awareness for organizations related to our cause or showcase your work, here is one way to share your voice.
Ocean Level $100 Monthly
Everything Above + Exclusive Editorial Feature Content focused on the analysis of key trends and updates in the field, as well as an Annual 1-On-1 Call with LEAF President Keith Comito, or other LEAF board member of your choice, to discuss our work and the future of aging research.
Lycium Level $1,000 Monthly
Everything Above + ability to Suggest Topics for our featured editorial content, as well as have a Monthly 1-On-1 Call with LEAF President Keith Comito, or other LEAF board member of your choice. If you visit New York City, we will also treat you to dinner once per year to discuss the goals and science of healthy human life extension.

If you want to help create greater societal support for the development of rejuvenation biotechnology and benefit from the new features available to our supporters, then become a Hero today!

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