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MouseAge Update March 2018 – The Biomarker is launched and available on Apple Store

We are pleased to announce that the MouseAge app is now available at the Apple Store and researchers can download the application for free and use it in their research. A full press release was published by the MouseAge team today giving further details.

“We are very excited to be launching the MouseAge photo app enabling the collection of the imaging and video database that will be repurposed for biomarker development once we train the deep neural networks on the animal data collected. This database of pictures and videos of mice collected under a controlled set of conditions but at the same time in a way, which is easy to replicate in any laboratory anywhere in the world will be very important for the machine learning community. We will also learn to establish a set of guidelines and standards to work with these data types in other species including humans”, said Anastasia Georgievskaya, the co-founder and managing director of YLabs.AI.

This is great news for research and a testament to the efforts of the community who helped to get the MouseAge project funded at last year. It just goes to show that we are a community can have a real impact on the direction science it taking and it really is wonderful to see the fruits of our labor arriving and being used in the lab.

Scientists working with C57BL/6 mice are invited to contribute images to the project. A collaboration would entail downloading the app and taking pictures of 200 normal aging B6 mice. US institutions may require IACUC approval to take pictures of mice and collaborators are encouraged to request such a permission.

And for researchers, you can download the application today and start using it. By taking pictures and sending them to the cloud you are helping to improve the system which is in a constant state of learning and improving and ultimately could become a very useful biomarker for aging research.

Thank you to all our backers who donated to the project you really have helped to make a difference to aging research!

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