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MMTP May 19th 2016

Take a look at our research summary, and watch a mini-interview with Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães about the importance of animal data

Hey everyone! The campaign has raised over $9500 so far, which is great and thanks to your support! You are helping to fast-track this research and make a difference. We are happy about two contributions of $1000 each, as they mean that the panel discussion with opinion leaders in gerontology will definitely take place! There are three more seats available, and we hope that more people would like to join this intriguing event!

The MMTP is committed to sharing knowledge with the community, as we believe that this is the only way to make rapid progress. As many people were curious about the study’s design, the MMTP team prepared a short version of the study proposal so everyone could learn more about what an animal study looks like.You can read about it here and get more familiar with what is happening in the lab when geroprotectors are being tested in animals!

To provide you with more details, we invite you to watch a mini-interview with Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães, a leading researcher of geroprotectors at Liverpool University, UK, where he is speaking about the importance of experiments and animal data. You may also enjoy visiting his site for more deep learning.


The MMTP Team

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