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MMTP May 12th 2016

Brian Kennedy from the Buck Institute is supporting MMTP!

Dear friends, it’s been two days since we launched our senolytics campaign on, and during this time, we have already raised over $3000, which brings us a big step closer to our goal of funding some real breakthrough research! We thank all the early donors for their support; we are currently building a Page of Glory on our site to praise your effort to help investigate a cure for the disease of aging. We are glad that Gennady Stolyarov, the author of “Death is wrong”, and Matthew O’Connor from SENS Research Foundation have already expressed their support.

We also want to pass our deep gratitude to a significant number of people who helped us to repost the news all over Facebook and other social media during these days!

We are excited to tell you that Brian Kennedy from the Buck Institute gave us a short interview to amplify the educational part of the project! Here, you can learn what one of the leaders in aging and longevity research says about how important animal data is and the promise of senolytics!

We have also translated this video into Spanish and Russian, should you prefer to listen in these languages.

To help you learn more about aging and longevity, we would also like to share a link to one of our recent articles about senolytics, which was published in H+ Magazine under the title “SEEK and DESTROY” (exactly what needs to be done to senescent cells, don’t you agree?).

Also, please don’t forget to share with your friends, family and co-workers, and ask them to support our initiative with donations!

Thank you!

The MMTP team

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