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MitoSENS October 2016

Today, we have an update from MitoSENS lead researcher Dr. Matthew “Oki” O’Connor.

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your support in reaching our initial goal! I’m proud to announce that we have just received a donation from a local company in the form of a large quantity of free DNA primers.

We used the donation to design a huge set of primers that we can use to make dozens more mitochondrial targeting sequences (MTSes) to test for their ability to target proteins to the mitochondria. So, instead of the 3 that we’ve tested so far, we could test many different ones that we suspect might be good candidates as stretch goals for this campaign.

If we reach a total of $45,000, we can test all of these MTSes on ATP6 and see if we can bring it up to full activity.

If we reach a total of $60,000, we can also test all of these targeting signals on a 3rd gene, Cytochrome B, which has long been a challenging gene for us and others in the field to make functional. If we can get this gene working, we should be able to make any gene in the system work.

In addition, we are excited to announce matching funds! Several of you have asked for this. For every dollar that you donate to the Mitochondrial Repair Project, another dollar will go directly into the SENS Research Foundation general fund to support all the great research we do at SRF. Thanks to Reason at for helping to organize this fund to match your donations!



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