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The MitoMouse Project Smashes Its Initial Fundraising Goal!

50K MitoMouse50K MitoMouse

Wonderful news: the MitoMouse project has successfully reached its initial $50k goal and is well on the way towards the first stretch goal! This means that the project will launch at the lab and the MitoMouse strain will be created.

The next step for this ambitious project is to actually create progeny from the SickMice and MitoMice in order to have an effective model to test the mitochondrial repair approach, which has already been shown to work in cells, in living animals. If successful, it would be vindication for mitochondrial repair therapy and move the therapy closer to translation to humans. Here is Dr. Amutha Boominathan, the leader of the MitoMouse Project at the SENS Research Foundation, to tell us a little more about the first stretch goal for this project.

A massive thank you to everyone who donated and helped the project to reach this point and allow this important and potentially ground breaking mitochondrial repair research to get underway. In particular, we would like to thank the Foster Foundation, Longecity, and Patrick Deane for blasting the project past the 50k initial goal with a donation of over $9,000 today.


There are only 14 days left to support the project, so act today and you could help the SENS Research Foundation to make mitochondrial repair a reality.

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