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Longecity to Fully Fund MitoMouse 2nd Stretch Goal if We Raise $1460 in Next 3 days!


Good news for the MitoMouse project! Thanks to the support of the community, LongeCity has already agreed to donate several thousand dollars to the MitoMouse campaign. It plans to expand this support, fully funding the stretch goal of $75,000 if we are able to reach the first $65,000 goal.

With just $1460 left to go before we reach the first stretch goal, your donation is critical in making these stretch goals a reality – and bringing about the end of mitochondrial dysfunction that much sooner! There are only a few days left in this campaign, so if you haven’t already donated, now is the time!

Thank you to everyone who has donated already

A special thank you to the amazing Ganesan Srinivasan who generously donated one $1000 earlier today and helped us get closer to the goal!

We would also like to thank the longevity heroes who contributed in the last few days: Bruce Chou, James Suter, Sophie Chen, Gordon Pettipas, Nicholas Bianconi, Kenneth Scott, Sven Bulterijs, Luca Jährling, Ivan Bakhtsin, Robert McGoldrick, Curry Taylor, Balint Erdi, Melvin Burton, Emil Edman Hellberg, Ekaterina Valinakova, Michal Szymacha, Anton Safonov, John Marlowe, David Quintero, Thomas Munyon, Anon Ymous, Simon Holk, Andrey Tokarev, Dean Penberthy, Steve Bryant, Anibal Fernandez Fernandez, briana elliott, Billy Martin, Alexander Jaggers, German Sergei, Balazs Balázs Suhajda, Mark Sackler, Martin O Martin O’Dea, Jordan Duncan, Dima Danylevych, Chris Lee, Adam Herrman, John Bryson, Eric Stoner, ARTUR DAVIDYAN, Abdelaziz Rouane, Olivia White, Steve Bryant, Lorenzo Frosinini, Timothy Denton, Susan Cutforth, Irmantas Galinis, Frans W.P. Van der Vlugt, Walter Remus, john kim, Ariel Tan, Nathan Cheng, Nathan Wailes, Nathan McKaskle, Debis Morales, Linus Petersson, Rob Sarvis, Luke Wiedeck, Evgeny Polomanny, Sandra Watt, Steffi Lagakis, Lilium Carlson, Michael Reed, Odysseus Jones, Kevin Graham, Rolf Böhme, matthias andre, Adrian Cull and Reason!

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