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LifeXtenShow Gets Its Own YouTube Channel

LifeXtenShow new channelLifeXtenShow new channel

Our readership probably already knows that we have a life extension-focused show on our YouTube channel. The show, LifeXtenShow, was launched about a year ago, co-hosted by Nicola Bagalà and Giuliano Didio; later on, the duo was joined by their friend Veera Wikström. The now-trio is taking life extension advocacy and science popularization to a whole new level, as X10 will fairly soon move to its own YouTube channel!

The new channel is already there, so feel free to subscribe! It will officially launch hopefully later this year and we will keep you posted. Over the next few months, we’ll be working on a full makeover of the show as well as on many interesting life-extension-related topics for the new episodes. We hope to see you soon on our new channel!

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