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Lifespan News – Solving Gray Hair

A solution may be on its way for this common problem.

man with gray hairman with gray hair

This week on Lifespan News, Brent Nally discusses one of the most common problems associated with aging: gray hair. Other topics include rapamycin not being a caloric restriction mimetic while glucosamine may be one, along with senolytics’ effects on age-related cognitive decline and artificial intelligence in longevity medicine.

Further Reading

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Senolytics Alleviate Age‐Related Cognitive Decline

Artificial intelligence in longevity medicine

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  1. Andrew Payne
    February 11, 2021

    Quercetin stimulates melanogenesis in hair follicle melanocyte of the mouse – Though I remember reading it doesn’t do the same thing for skin. Very curious.

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