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Lifespan News – Gitcoin Grants for Longevity

This organization intends to fund projects, including ours, that promote the public good.

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On this episode of Lifespan News, Brent Nally talks about how Gitcoin Grants Round 12 has kicked off with over $2 million dollars committed in matching funds for projects.


Gitcoin Grants Round 12 has kicked off, and they have over $2 million dollars committed in matching funds for projects. There’s a specific category focused on longevity for Round 12. We’ll tell you what this means, and who’s looking to get funded, in this episode of Lifespan News!

Gitcoin is a platform dedicated to supporting and growing the open-source software that will likely serve as the foundation of Web3. The Gitcoin crypto platform launched in 2017 to foster collaboration on open-source initiatives by incentivizing developers to take on projects with payments and grants. Gitcoin focuses on funding “public goods” projects intended to benefit everyone.

What really sets Gitcoin apart is their use of Quadratic Funding, which Gitcoin describes as the mathematically optimal way to fund public goods in a democratic community. Essentially, a matching pool of funds is raised, and then a crowdfund campaign is matched according to the Quadratic Funding algorithm. The algorithm weights the number of contributors more than the amount funded, which rewards the projects with the most community support. This elevates the power of smaller contributors and creates a sense of camaraderie between them and the larger contributors.

According to Ethereum co-founder and noted longevity mega-supporter Vitalik Buterin, “Gitcoin grants quadratic funding is not just for funds allocation, it’s also a great signaling tool! For the last few rounds, going to (sort by top match) has led me to discover a lot of really cool Ethereum projects I previously did not know about.”

You can learn more about Quadratic Funding, and explore a calculator to see how it works, at the website

Gitcoin Grants Round 12 is full of new experiments as we collectively seek to test out the various ideas and mechanisms that will eventually build the future of the Internet. Round 12 features 3 different Cause Rounds, focused on Climate, Advocacy, and Longevity.

There’s currently 21 projects, called “grants”, seeking funding within the longevity category which have been curated by the VitaDAO community, which also includes Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation, or president Keith Comito. Many of these longevity grants are affiliated with our work at LEAF or are projects of our friends and collaborators.

For example, you can support lifespan advocacy video content by funding the Life Noggin project, a YouTube channel which reaches millions of people with educational videos. We have Lifespan News/Life Noggin collaborations planned for the future, so dollars in this category support our work as well.

Or, you can support’s transition from Web2, which we’ve built our success on, to Web3, which will take our life extension advocacy and research to a whole new level – including blockchain-facilitated crowdfunding of decentralized human clinical trials. This will be a gamechanger.

Another project is focused on “Stopping Alzheimer’s with Light and Sound”, and is led by’s Dr. Oliver Medvedik. This project aims to crowdsource the development of promising safe & non pharmacological therapies for Alzheimer’s, bypassing the slow and costly clinical trials associated with drug-based models, to get meaningful results in the hands of the public as fast as possible.

You can also help fund the creation of Tim Maupin’s longevity-focused feature film “The Last Generation to Die”, because as David Sinclair says in his book, Lifespan, “Nothing begins with science. It all begins with stories.” I’ve funded Tim’s film with $10,000 dollars to show my support while others have also helped fund Tim’s film with multiple people contributing $1,000 dollars or more already.

And, full disclosure, I’m even more involved in another Gitcoin project called Longevity Plan where I serve as a co-founder and CEO. Longevity Plan’s mission is to show you the value of a longer and healthier lifespan, and to help you get there. You can go to to learn more.

Let us know in the comments which project or projects you’re considering supporting and why. It’s important that we all work to grow and fund the longevity community, because it will ultimately benefit all of humanity.

We’re excited to see the growth of Web3 and the potential of decentralized, blockchain-enabled innovations in these important areas, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Gitcoin community to expand the longevity movement.

All of our Gitcoin longevity projects are still in development, and we’ll have much more to share about them soon. So please make sure that you’re subscribed so you can be among the first to find out about the latest details. I’m Brent Nally with Lifespan News. Thanks and we’ll see ya in the next episode.

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  1. Rasmus Rasch
    December 3, 2021

    I Saw this and Thought… Wow this is actually a really good idea ^^ I love it when two fields like longevity, economics and crypto combine and become something “nisched” and unique ^^

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