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Back Launches Lifespan News

Lifespan News on Naked Mole RatsLifespan News on Naked Mole Rats

In this premier episode of Lifespan News, Brent Nally discusses Unity Biotechnology’s human trials of novel senolytic drugs, including a Phase 2 human trial of a senolytic drug for knee osteoarthritis; two proteins that allow LDL cholesterol to enter our cells; Ponce de Leon Health and epigenetic age reversal; the reason why naked mole rats are so resistant to cancer; XPrize adding longevity to its impact roadmaps; and a promo code for Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, our upcoming online conference.

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  1. Michael
    July 14, 2020

    Is this only available on video? Please turn it into a podcast (a simple audio of the video will do, though accommodations for missing graphs etc. would be a useful kluge). Also, how will this differ from Rejuvenation Roundup?

    • Keith Comito
      July 14, 2020

      Thanks for the suggestion about the podcast M, we’ll definitely look into doing this. Lifespan News will differ from the Rejuvenation Roundup in that it will focus on covering industry updates as they happen, whereas the Roundup will continue to spotlight important developments on the longer time scale of a given month. That being said these initiatives can naturally grow to support each other, as for example the news coverage throughout a month can be a source of items to cover in the roundup. I hope this clarifies, and thanks again for the comment.

  2. 799055568
    July 15, 2020

    I will continue to pay attention. Thank you very much.

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