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Keith Comito Talks Biomarkers at EHA2020

Keith Comito Longevity DividendKeith Comito Longevity Dividend

At the Eurosymposium on Healthy Aging 2020, president Keith Comito discusses how to take lessons from other fields in generating, storing, and using biomarker data systems in order to provide useful information on aging at both the personal and the population levels. This information is currently not standardized, and this makes it difficult to use these biomarkers effectively. Creating formalized standards would allow people to more effectively use this information. Bringing in multiple stakeholders, from corporations to government, would pave the way for a unified push for longevity.

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  1. jimofoz
    November 9, 2020

    Nice work Keith.

    I wonder if this will also support/encourage people to self experiment more?

    I wonder if people will carry out these interventions and measurements on their pet dogs as well as themselves (more data and if you are going to the trouble of one measurement, you may as well do two at once).

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