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Developing a Biotechnology Startup in the Rejuvenation Field

Banner for the Biotechnology Startup workshopBanner for the Biotechnology Startup workshop
Dr. Kelsey Moody is the CEO of Ichor Therapeutics, a company devoted to studying and curing the root causes of aging. Its research team consists of other 50 people in Lafayette, PA and continues to produce cutting-edge aging research.

In his biotechnology workshop conducted at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2019 and made available at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, participants learned how to start biotech companies of their very own. The six main topics were:

  • Competitive advantages when developing drugs that address the underlying mechanisms of aging
  • Constructing physical facilities on a start-up budget
  • Corporate structuring considerations
  • The need for quality initiatives in aging as an emerging industry sector
  • Optimizing R&D processes in a blended discovery/development environment
  • Fundraising: start-up vs. growth-stage companies

While this workshop was held last year, its lessons hold true for this year, and it is a valuable resource for anyone looking to make inroads into the biotech sector. We appreciate Dr. Moody’s willingness to provide such a valuable resource for us and for the rejuvenation field as a whole, and we look forward to the biotech companies being created as a result of this workshop.

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  1. Rasmus Rasch
    August 27, 2020

    Super happy you uploaded this! I wanted to go but I was unable at the time. Thank you! :)

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