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COVID-19, Aging, and the Future of Healthcare


On Thursday, May 7th at noon EDT, on our Facebook page, will be livestreaming an online roundtable discussion with key leaders of our field to discuss the current pandemic, its relationship to aging research, and how the current situation might impact the future of healthcare. Join David Sinclair, Aubrey de Grey, former director of the NIA Felipe Sierra, Daria Khaltourina, Journalist Tina Woods, and president Keith Comito.

In these difficult times, it is critical that we keep the flow of scientific communication going as well as see the opportunities these challenges can bring. This event is the first in a series of roundtable discussions that we have planned to keep our lines of communication strong and our community informed. These discussions, along with our Journal Club, webinars, and the upcoming EARD2020 online conference, are designed to keep you informed on the latest news, research, and strategies to promote the goals of health and longevity.

How to join us for the roundtable discussion

The format of the show will be a 40-50 minute group discussion followed by a Q&A session. If you are one of the Lifespan Heroes, our monthly patrons, you will have been sent the details on how to join this roundtable via the email you registered with at If you are not a Lifespan Hero but would like to take part in the Q&A section of the show, then you can be a Hero for as little as $10 a month.

Now the event has happened, you can watch it below.

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  1. drarmiaz
    May 23, 2020

    Is there anyone I can discuss possible research ideas with having to do with aging. I happen to see Keith’s interview on TYT Damage Report with John Idarola.

    I have done some preliminary research myself but do not have the resources and support to conduct and construct the new round of research.

    If your team is open to hearing my thoughts and theories on the physical form and aging I would love to discuss it further.

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