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Happy Birthday


Our crowdfunding platform, supporting studies on aging and longevity, was founded in August 2015, and this week we are celebrating our second birthday!
We thought that this was a great moment to have a look at what we have achieved with your support:
  • $200k+ raised and 4 research projects successfully funded (and the AgeMeter campaign that is currently running and 60% funded).
  • 1 resulting publication, on mitochondrial gene transfer by MitoSENS, already published.
  • 3 scientific Journal Club streams with Dr. Oliver Medvedik.
  • 142 articles published at the LEAF website covering news, interviews, talks and educational topics.
A huge thank you to our Lifespan Heroes! Thanks to you we will be able to achieve even more in the future. And thank you to everyone who supports what we do and for helping to make our birthday a happy one.
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