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Arkadi Mazin Joins the Team


In the coming year, we will be developing our news outlet and stepping up a gear with the research and industry news that we publish. As part of this continuing drive to expand and bring you the latest longevity news, we are expanding the staff.

We are delighted to announce that we have hired journalist Arkadi Mazin and would like to give him a warm welcome.

Arkadi is a seasoned journalist and op-ed author with a passion for learning and exploration. His interests span from politics to science and philosophy. Having studied economics and international relations, he is particularly interested in the social aspects of longevity and life extension.

He strongly believes that life extension is an achievable and noble goal that has yet to take its rightful place on the very top of our civilization’s agenda – a situation that he is eager to change.

We could not agree more with this last part and are happy that he shares our vision for a better world, one without the pain and suffering that age-related diseases cause.

When we first began developing our blog back in late 2016, we could only dream that we would reach the point of taking in writing staff and developing the blog into a proper news outlet. Thanks to the support of the Lifespan Heroes, donations from supporters, the success of the Ending Age-Related Diseases conference, and other funding sources, we have now reached that point.

2020 will see us further developing our news outlet with even more writers to become an even better home of rejuvenation biotechnology news, so stay tuned for more announcements in the coming months!

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