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An Evening with Aubrey de Grey in Monaco


Come and spend an evening in the company of Dr. Aubrey de Grey when he visits Monaco on November 29th.

World-renowned biogerontologist Dr. Aubrey de Grey was the first person to awaken me to the idea that aging could be seen as something repairable, not just to be accepted as inevitable, and that such an approach would inevitably lead to much longer healthy lifespans, with more time to fulfill our dreams and potential, more time to learn, more time to give something to the world and just more time to enjoy being alive.

I first met Aubrey in 2009 when I helped to interpret a talk for him in Narbonne, France, as I had recently moved to the south of France, and there I also met healthy longevity activist Didier Coeurnelle from Belgium, who was just founding his association, Heales, with Sven Bulterijs. Didier became a good friend and has since been almost as tireless as Aubrey in his efforts to promote healthy longevity.

On that occasion in 2009 Heales had invited Aubrey to talk about his ideas, which were still new to many of us. Today Aubrey’s ‘engineering’ approach to the aging problem has helped launched a new industry of start-ups looking to make use of the kind of research that he has funded and organized via his SENS Research Foundation and continues to promote in talks across the world.

Just a few months ago one of these firms, Unity Biotechnologies went public on the Nasdaq exchange, raising $85 million at a market capitalization of $700 million.

Next week, he will be back again in my part of the world, in the Principality of Monaco.

If you would like to join us for an evening including a talk by Aubrey, on topics such as the state-of-play in anti-aging research and this burgeoning field in terms of companies and investments, the date is Thursday November 29, from 19.00 at the Novotel Monte Carlo, 16 Boulevard Princesse Charlotte, with a welcome first with something light to eat, then a talk, questions and discussion from 20.00.

To register for the event please contact Oliver Rowland who is organizing the meeting.

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