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Alexey Moskalev on Drosophila Genetics at EARD2020

These flies have long served as models for aging research.

Dr. Alexey MoskalevDr. Alexey Moskalev

At Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, Dr. Alexey Moskalev gave a presentation on Drosophila genetics. While it is not a mammal and certainly not a human being, Drosophila is a common subject for aging research, as it is a short-lived insect that shares many of the same aging-related genetic pathways as larger animals. Here, Dr. Moskalev shows that the carotenoid fucoxanthin affects these pathways, lengthening these flies’ lifespan and reducing their intestinal permeability, a biomarker of aging for these flies. He goes into detail when discussing the genes involved, providing a very thorough overview of how they work.

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