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Michael Greve

Michael Greve

Forever Healthy Foundation

Michael’s success as an entrepreneur dates all the way back to the early days of the Internet. In 1995, he and his brother Matthias founded, which grew into one of the largest and most popular Internet portals in Germany. Among the several other ventures started by Michael and his brother are the flight booking website and the last-minute travel site

As Michael himself said during his talk at RB2016, which was organised by SRF and hosted by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, his lifestyle during his hacker days wasn’t among the healthiest; his interest in healthy life extension developed as a consequence of his efforts to switch to a healthier way of living. Eventually, his research into the science of staying healthy led him to the work of Dr. de Grey and the realisation that staving off age-related diseases and preserving health indefinitely was a potentially achievable goal.

Following this serendipitous discovery, he founded and launched the Forever Healthy Foundation, whose goal is to speed up the creation of a rejuvenation biotechnology industry so that aging and the ailments that come with it may soon become relics of the past. The FH Foundation website is an open-source knowledge base meant to provide free access to information with which people can develop personal longevity strategies. However, even the healthiest of lifestyles will not prevent the diseases of aging from manifesting sooner or later; to do so, it will be necessary to repair the damage the body causes to itself as a side effect of its normal operation—in other words, to make use of rejuvenation biotechnologies.

To make sure these technologies will be available sooner rather than later, Michael’s Kizoo Ventures provides mentoring, seed, and early-stage financing for startups that focus on rejuvenation biotech. Up to now, Kizoo has funded Oisin Biotechnologies, Ichor Therapeutics’ LysoCLEAR, and AgeX Therapeutics, among others. Furthermore, in 2016, the FH Foundation committed 5 million dollars specifically to SENS research, while seed investments for at least 5 more million were committed by Kizoo for startups eventually spinning off that very research.