The Launch is Here — Let’s #CrowdfundTheCure for Aging!

By Keith Comito


After many long nights and much hard work, we are excited to announce the launch of — a platform dedicated to funding and raising awareness for research aimed at extending healthy human lifespan. We believe that by centralizing crowdfunding efforts in this space we can build a powerful network of researchers, donors, and supporters that can seriously move the needle on accomplishing this important humanitarian goal.

To begin this process, we are pleased to be working with the SENS Research Foundation in support of their project to repair mitochondrial damage, and thus help defeat some truly terrible diseases. Please support their campaign, and remember that by doing so you are not just aiding this one institution, but also empowering a growing grass roots movement to cure the diseases of aging, and having direct agency in the progression of life saving therapies.

We are proud to be working with our launch teams, our Scientific Advisory Board, and hopefully you as well. Donate if you are able, and please share this post and our campaigns with the hashtags #crowdfundthecure and #LifespanIO to spread the word. Let’s send a powerful message that the public can come together and meaningfully act on this issue of healthy aging, which truly affects us all.

Whatever your particular thoughts on life extension may be, no one wants diseases like Alzheimers or to see their loved ones in pain with the passage of time. Let’s work to decouple such suffering from the concept of aging. Together, we can #crowdfundthecure for aging. Thank you.


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