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Crowdfunding the Cure

Conquering the negative effects of aging is one of the oldest dreams of humanity, and now, through the steady progress of science, we are poised to fulfill that dream.

Whether this occurs in 20 years or 200 is largely a question of funding. The best way to accelerate this process is by mobilizing people who desire longer and healthier lives into a cohesive social force – crowdfunding relevant research and advocating for its benefits to society.

WHAT IS LIFESPAN.IO? is a unique crowdfunding platform dedicated solely to longevity research projects. By crowdfunding early-stage studies on aging, we are accelerating the accumulation of knowledge on how to prevent and eventually reverse age-related ill health and helping new therapies reach clinical trials more rapidly.

Researchers can launch breakthrough projects that might be overlooked by the government grant system due to their novel nature, receiving funds from contributors to fulfill their goals.

Contributors, in turn, can influence the direction and pace of the scientific research that is important to them personally while receiving useful rewards and learning more about the exciting field of rejuvenation biotechnology.


MMTP crowdfunding campaign

Projects Funded on

To date, we have raised over $360,000 for research since we launched our aging research crowdfunding platform –

We have helped a team based at Harvard Medical School to raise the funding needed for an important lifespan study in mice, helped another team to reduce animal suffering by developing a app that can predict the age of lab mice via images, and helped the SENS Research Foundation twice to fund initial and follow up experiments for mitochondrial repair.

Get the AgeMeter

A functional aging diagnostic system that was developed thanks to the support of the community. This unit allows you to measure how well you are aging using a series of scientifically supported biomarkers of aging that measure your level of function.

Get the MouseAge App

Thanks to the support of the community this cruelty free app allows researchers to estimate the age of lab mice using the power of deep learning without the need for invasive tests.

MitoSENS Published in Journal Thanks to Campaign

Thanks to the support of the community the MitoSENS campaign funded on has published successful results for their mitochondrial repair approach. This is the first demonstration that creating copies of mitochondrial genes in the cell nucleus may be a potential way to address mitochondrial DNA damage which is a root cause of various age-related diseases and other conditions.