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Towards a Cure for Aging

Fight Aging!

Work on treating aging as a medical condition, targeting the mechanisms that cause aging in order to slow or reverse its progression, has advanced to the point at which the popular science and medical resources of the world are writing overviews on the topic, seeking to better inform the public at large. We have come a long way in the past decade. The compelling animal data for approaches such as the targeted removal of senescent cells, showing rejuvenation in mice, is melting some of the skepticism that previously characterized attitudes towards the treatment of aging.

treating aging as a medical conditionmechanisms that cause agingtargeted removal of senescent cellsrejuvenation in mice

Heart disease. Cancer. Diabetes. Dementia. Researchers spend billions of dollars every year trying to eradicate these medical scourges. Yet even if we discover cures to these and all other chronic conditions, it won’t change our ultimate prognosis: death. “That’s because you haven’t stopped aging,” says Jay Olshansky, PhD, a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics. But what if we could? What if we are trying to extend longevity in the wrong way? Instead of focusing on diseases, should we take aim at aging itself? Some scientists think so. Fueled in part by


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