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Request for Startups in the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Space, 2021 Edition

Fight Aging!

For a few years now, I’ve suggested areas of opportunity in rejuvenation biotechnology in which either (a) it seems quite viable to start a company, given what I’ve seen going on in industry and academia, or (b) it would be very helpful should someone step up with an approach that works, given the need for a solution. The longevity industry is still young, still small, and countless valuable programs in the aging research field remain waiting to be championed and carried forward to the clinic. The low-hanging fruit is still near all there to be claimed: what is possible is a far greater space than what is presently being attempted.

suggested areas of opportunity in rejuvenation biotechnologylongevity industry

A Gene Therapy Platform that Just Works

The primary challenges in gene therapy are easily stated: express genes for (a) a controllable length of time, (b) to a useful degree in specific tissues without overloading other tissues, (c) with a high degree of coverage of cells in the tissues of interest. It would be nice to also have (d) at a reasonable cost, but cost will come down given a platform that can be used for most gene therapies and hits points (a) through (c).


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