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Notes on the Recent Longevity Week in London

Fight Aging!
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The yearly Longevity Week events in London are organized by Jim Mellon’s network of allies, to promote the longevity industry and the concept of working towards therapies to treat aging as a medical condition. Sadly I could not attend this year, a combination of conflicting events in the US and it being too soon after conferences started up again post-COVID-19 to commit to international travel. Fortunately, one can still find a few notes on the proceedings online, and video of presentations will usually follow.

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This week was “Longevity Week” with numerous events organised in the UK on what we now call “geroscience“. Geroscience is predicated not only on the idea that human lifespan can be extended well beyond the biblical standard of three score years and ten, but also that we can avoid the degenerative diseases of old age which afflict so many seniors. So “healthspan” – the length of time that we can live without chronic and debilitating conditions such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, macular degeneration, Parkinson’s, or dementia – is just as important in this discussion as lifespan. That is an important starting point since, although life expectancy has increased significantly


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