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Foresight Institute Salons on Aging Biomarkers and Clocks

Foresight Institute Salons on Aging Biomarkers and Clocks
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The Foresight Institute folk have been quite active over the course of a year of lockdown, running virtual gatherings and regular presentations, in which you’ll find more than just the usual Bay Area communities of forward-looking individuals. The interests of the Foresight Institute principals include molecular nanotechnology, artificial general intelligence, and rejuvenation biotechnology, and so you will probably find at least a few of this year’s salon presentations interesting.

Foresight Institutethis year’s salon presentations

The selection of events noted below are linked by the theme of biomarkers to measure the progression of degenerative aging. Aging is the consequence of accumulated cell and tissue damage, which progresses at different paces at different people. Variance in human pace of aging is near entirely a matter of lifestyle choices and degree of harmful environmental exposures, such as particulate air pollution or infectious pathogens. But measuring that variance in a useful way is much less interesting than being able to rapidly quantify the efficacy of potential age-slowing and age-reversing therapies.

biomarkersaccumulated cell and tissue damagenear entirelymatter of lifestyle choicesparticulate air pollutionpathogens

Generally agreed upon measures of degenerative aging based on blood tests would greatly accelerate progress towards human rejuvenation, directing attention and funding


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