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Engineered B Cells as an Approach to Cancer Therapy

Engineered B Cells as an Approach to Cancer Therapy
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Engineered T cells are the dominant form of cell therapy for cancer at the present time, an approach that has achieved considerable success, and remains actively under further development. T cells can attack cancer cells directly, given the right tools to recognize those cells and overcome the various immunosuppressive mechanisms deployed by cancerous tissue. There are other approaches to rousing the immune system to action, however, such as focusing on B cells. B cells carry out a variety of roles that are important in the coordination of the immune response, in providing targets for other cells to attack, and rousing those cells to action. Thus it should be possible to engineer B cells to be much more effective in the context of cancer, improving the overall immune response.

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Nowadays, cancers still represent a significant health burden, accounting for around 10 million deaths per year, due to ageing populations and inefficient treatments for some refractory cancers. Immunotherapy strategies that modulate the patient’s immune system have emerged as good treatment options. Among them, the adoptive transfer of B cells selected ex vivo showed promising results, with a reduction in tumor growth in several cancer


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