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Tag: Medicine, Biotech, Research

More Data on the Tissue Specificity of Senescent Cell Accumulation with Age in Mice
February 06, 2020
As work progresses on the clinical development of senolytic therapies to selectively destroy harmful senescent cells in old tissues, it is becoming ever more necessary to have a better understanding of just how many senescent cells are present in any given tissue with age. Not all tissues acquire lingering populations of these cells at the...
Macrophages Implicated in the Scarring of Heart Tissue Following Injury
February 05, 2020
A potentially important faction within the regenerative medicine community is engaged in trying to understand exactly how highly regenerative species such as salamanders and zebrafish can regenerate organs following injury, and do so repeatedly without scarring. There are also a few examples of adult mammals capable of regenerating a limited number of body parts without...
Fight Aging!
February 04, 2020
Aging is a process of damage and consequence. Damage to the molecular machinery of cells and the molecular structure of tissues accumulates as a normal consequence of the operation of healthy metabolism. This damage degrades function, producing a lengthy chain of downstream consequences that interact with one another, make one another steadily worse, and culminate...
Fight Aging!
February 03, 2020
Atherosclerosis is the generation of fatty deposits in blood vessel walls, called plaques, atheromas, or lesions, that narrow and weaken important vessels. Sooner or later a vessel ruptures, or a plaque disintegrates and its fragments block the flow of blood, and this results in stroke or heart attack. In the public eye atherosclerosis is considered...
Loss of Lung Function Correlates with Epigenetic Age Acceleration
January 31, 2020
Epigenetic clocks are a topic of considerable interest in the research community. They are perhaps the most promising of the present techniques for assessing biological age, the closest to becoming a useful biomarker of aging. Epigenetic clocks are weighted algorithmic combinations of the DNA methylation status of various sites on the genome, reflecting changes that...
Cellular Senescence in the Bone Marrow as a Contributing Cause of Osteoporosis
January 30, 2020
Cellular senescence contributes meaningfully to near all age-related conditions, judging by the research of the past few years. In only a very few cases has clearance of senescent cells failed to perform well as a basis for therapy. In just the past year, papers have been published on the role of senescent cells in twenty...